Windsor chartered as a town in 1761 has played many important roles in both our state and country's history. In 1777, the signers of the Constitution of the Vermont Republic met at Old Constitution House, a tavern at the time, to declare independence from the British Empire. The Vermont Republic would not become a state until 1791. In 1820, it was the state's largest town, a thriving center fortrade and agriculture.

The tools and the methods which make mass production possible were pioneered at the Robbins & Lawrence Armory in Windsor, Vermont. Using precision metal and wood cutting machines and high standards of accuracy, Robbins & Lawrence proved the effectiveness of a new type of manufacturing that would soon be known as the American System.

Windsor offers a self guided walking tour featuring over 40 historic structures throughout the community. The tour is supported by a comprehensive guide, available through the library, Historic Windsor's offices in the Windsor House or Welcome Center. Six signs located through the community feature narratives on 12 locations. Each sign also offers a QR code, making a supporting audio file available for smart phone users.

American Precision Museum

If you love machines and tooling you need to see the APM.

The Constitution House

The Birthplace of Vermont!

Historic Windsor

Dedicated to preserving Windsor House and fostering an understanding of and respect for our heritage.

Walking Tour Audio

Self guided tour of Windsor's historic Architecture.