Commission Members all 3 year terms

Vacant  - term expires 2019
Vacant - term expires 2019
Vacant - term expires 2020
Vacant - term expires 2020

Vacant - term expires 2021

The mission of the Windsor Conservation Commission (WCC) is to inventory the natural resources of Windsor; preserve the community's natural resources through planning, promoting, and implementing strategies to assist the town planners and educate the public; and encourage an ethic of natural resource stewardship. 

In September of 2016, the WCC coordinated with the VT Urban and Forestry Program to begin an inventory of Windsor’s public trees.  The results are compiled in a very readable document that is available at the library and on the town website.  Species, size, health, and other attributes of our town trees are detailed.  The recommendations included in that document will guide the WCC’s activities over the coming year.  Primarily we will focus on town tree health and diversity.

The WCC meets on the first Wednesdays of the month at 5:30 at the Welcome Center; the public is warmly invited to attend.  The WCC is also seeking additional members.  Please speak with Tom Marsh or a Selectboard member if you are interested.

Windsor Tree Inventory
Windsor Tree Policy
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Windsor Designated Heritage Trees