The Treasure is on vacation from 11.09.18 through 11.18.18. staff will be accepting payments but questions should be directed to the Town Managers office at 674-6786

Debra Ouelette ( 3 year term 2018)
(802) 674-6788

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2018 -2019 Property Taxes

The first installment is due September 5, 2018.

Interest will be charged at 1% per month if payments are not received in the Treasurer's office by 5pm on November 5, 2018. Post marks are not accepted at timely payment

Any and all properties with delinquent taxes are subject to a tax sale.  DON"T let this happen to you. Please call or come in to pay your property taxes.

Vermont Statutes Title 24 Sec. 3408 - Collection

When an assessment [for water and sewer]remains unpaid for the space of thirty days, the treasurer of the town shall issue a warrant for its collection directed to the collector of taxes, who shall have the same power to enforce the collection and shall proceed in the same manner as is provided by law for the collection of taxes.”

What this means is the Town of Windsor has the right to place your property for tax sale to collect for utility services due.

If you have delinquent taxes, the following is what you are paying in interest over a five year period!

  End of year 1:      8% + 16.5% = 24.5%

  End of year 2:    24.5% + 18% = 42.5%

  End of year 3:    42.5 % + 18% = 60.5% 

  End of year 4:    60.5% + 18% = 78.5%   

  End of year 5:    78.5%  + 18% = 96.5%                                    

Reminder: If you have not made arrangements to pay your delinquent taxes time is running out! Tax sale proceedings are underway for the sale of any property that has delinquent taxes due. Don't let this happen to you!